Mzungu is the Swahili word for “white person.”  So the place I am staying at had a water problem for the past 2 days; problem being, there was none coming out of the pipes.  Bottled water only goes so far when you need to cook, wash dishes, shower, and wash you hands (seems like every five minutes). I couldn’t just sit by and watch my friend carry 20 ltr jerry cans up a flight of stairs so I helped.  Oh my gosh – what was I thinking? Apparently, one of the neighbors was wondering the same thing.  She asked me, “You know how to carry these?”  Mzungus simply do NOT carry jerry cans. I said yes and lugged the 2/3 full can up the stairs (I know my limits).

Water was back on today and I had a nice hot shower.  Still adjusting to time and altitude (which was much worse for me than I expected).  To Pam and Marcia who always reminded me to take a breath (I guess I hold my breath without realizing it – is there such a thing as day-time apnea or blond apnea?). I am practicing my yoga breathing all the time.

The second picture posted is of my neighbor girls, the youngest of whom is only two years old and has never seen an Mzungu.  She kept rubbing my arm and holding my hand and whispering “Mzungu.” Very sweet girls!

One more picture for today (too many to decide from) is of my rapid transit option to get to University of Nairobi (UoN) every day (M-F) while I am here. Oh and there is a nice long 30 minute walk after the bus drop to get to the building I will be at. I plan on walking off about 10 kg while I am here.  Wish me luck on my transit adventure! I promise I will never again speak ill of MTA.