Fairest of Them All

Another photo taken in the Kosovo village in Mukuru (Kwa Reuben section). The mother of this baby requested this photo; she wanted me to hold the hand of her newest daughter in mine to show how fair the baby is. She wanted me to remember her and her children and was very happy that I had come. Many black babies are born lighter and darken as they grow older. This baby was indeed, very fair, something that is a pride-point for many Kenyans.

While we were conducting surveys, the older daughter only about 6 or 7) of this woman, saw us and was so excited, she wanted us to see her home and her mom. She lead us through some tight passages and hen under a low-hanging awning into the area that is her home. This family had an urban “farm” of sorts. She had a stall with pigs and was growing some vegetables and the house was immediately next to the yard. All of this was taking place in a space of about 15’ x 15’. I will never again complain about the size of my house.