Wasted River

This is a section of Ngong River which forms the upper boarder of Mukuru settlement. The riverbank looks like this and worse the entire course-way as far as we could see. There is a school on the other side and the children were out playing (for recess, I think). With water scarcity being such an issue, it is incomprehensible that there would be such rampant pollution and disregard for this resource. Unfortunately, residents do not understand the resource. Although piped water does comes from Ndakini dam, they view supply as a provision of the government and do not connect that river with anything other than a source to wash clothes, maybe bath, and to dump all forms of waste. To the right of the photo is a dump where a lot of burning takes place and yet, the residents close to the river and close to the dump often choose to dump waste in the river or on the banks. There are so many challenges for the people who live here. There are no quick fixes, no easy solutions.